PyCXX: Write Python Extensions in C++

Barry Scott,

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PyCXX is designed to make it easier to extend Python with C++

CXX/Objects is a set of C++ facilities to make it easier to write Python extensions. The chief way in which PyCXX makes it easier to write Python extensions is that it greatly increases the probability that your program will not make a reference-counting error and will not have to continually check error returns from the Python C API. CXX/Objects integrates Python with C++ in these ways:

PyCXX documentation is split into Python 3 and Python 2 versions. The Python 3 documentation is the most accurate.

Latest PyCXX README file.

Version 6.2.8 (10-May-2016)

Fix crash when a member function is called via callMemberFunction() and that function raises an expection.

Found in comment on StackOverFlow. Fix memory size allocated for new objects. It used the wrong size calculation, but was big enough to avoid problems.

Version 6.2.7 (28-Apr-2016)

Fix missing ptr__Unicode_Type.

Fixes from make python2 also remember the m_module and add accessor functions.

Fix for indirection issues from Vivian De Smedt.

Update to work with latest Microsoft Visual C++ for python 2.7. All test run in Win32 and Win64.

PyCXX.html documention has been updated, especially with 2TO3 information.

Use delete[] for objects allocated with new[].

Version 6.2.6 (4-Jan-2015)

Fix various compiler warning.

Fix incorrect use of NULL.

Fix conversion from (const char *) to (char *) is deprecated warning.

Version 6.2.5 (18-Aug-2013)

Fix build issue with GCC 4.2.1 on FreeBSD and Mac OS X (stop python defining isspace as a macro).

Remove support for python 3.1 (API's are unstable).

Add Python 3.3 support.

Patch frm Michael Droettboom to fix compilation issues.

Patch frm Michael Droettboom to add buffer interface for python3.

Version 6.2.4 (3-Mar-2012)

Fix memory leak in string encode and decode functions

Fix indirect python loading on windows - Bool_type was missing

Version 6.2.3 (11-mar-2011)

Fix memory leak in string encode and decode functions

Fix indirect python loading on windows - Bool_type was missing

Version 6.2.2 (26-Dec-2010)

Fix problem compiling against Python 3.1.3

Version 6.2.1 (15-Aug-2010)

Add support for NotImplementedError

Remove String() and Byte() c'tors that are not allowed by ISO C++ and where ambigous

Version 6.2.0 (9-May-2010)

Fix problems with new style classes.

Replace all example makefile and project files with script.

Add APIs to make calling python functions easier. See TupleN(), callOnSelf(), self()

Version 6.1.1 (26-Sep-2009)

Supports Python 3 starting at Python 3.1 and Python 2

Code clean up to fix compiler warnings reported by gcc 4.2.1 on Mac OS X when building for Python 3.

Version 6.1.0 (19-Jul-2009)

Supports Python 3 and Python 2

This release replaces 5.5.0 and 6.0.0

Speed of method calling has been improved.

Version 6.0.0 (31-Jan-2009)

Supports Python 3 only

Version 5.5.0 (31-Jan-2009)

Supports Python 2 only

Version 5.4.2 (11-Oct-2008)

Add support for rich compare.

Add the simplest code for a module with a single function and a single class (Demo/simple.cxx)

Fix long standing bugs with Dict::iterator

Version 5.4.1 (28-Jun-2008)

Add Boolean type from Vivian De Smedt.

Patch from Dmitry Kostjuchenko to which improves PyCXX method's calling speed/performance by almost 2 times.

More PY_LONG_LONG support.

No longer allow creation of Py::Int from PY_LONG_LONG as long long cannot fit. Use Py::Long.

Py:Dict can now be constructed from a Py::Object.

Version 5.4.0 (20-Jan-2007)

PyCXX has a new BSD license to make it open source compatible. Many thanks to Sebastian Sauer for bring this matter to our attention and to Paul Dubios for working with the LLNL people to get the license changed.

Fix compilation issues with GCC 4.1 found on FC6.

Fix compilation issues caused by problems in IRIX header files.

Add PY_LONG_LONG support from patch contributed by Dmitry Kostjuchenko.

Version 5.3.6 (21-Oct-2006)

Add support for Python 2.5

Add support for PY_LONG_LONG to Py::Int()

Version 5.3.5 (2-Oct-2005)

More changes to keep GCC 4.0 happy - no warning should be report

Version 5.3.4 (29-Aug-2005)

Add interator support - thanks to Helmut Jarausch - see pycxx_iter demo

Allow an extension to be part of a python package

Allow creation of Exception hierachies

Fix problem compiling with GCC 2.9X

Fix uninitialise memory problem

Work around compile problems with the example and GCC 4.0.

Version 5.3.3 and 5.3.2

No details recorded

PyCXX V5.3.1

Added fixes to support problems reported against GCC4 builds and .NET 2003 builds

Download PyCXX 5.3.1 from SourceForge.

PyCXX V5.3.0

I've added Unicode string support to PyCXX and fixed a number of reported bugs.

See the README and documentation for details.

Download PyCXX 5.3.0 from SourceForge.

-- BArry Scott, October 2004

PyCXX V5.2.0

After a long gap I have updated PyCXX (the name I prefer for CXX) to fix a number of bugs and add a small number of features.

I'm using the development of pysvn to drive the need for fixes and features in PyCXX.

-- Barry Scott, November 2003